Second Wonder of Riva Rises 1/26/2018
Second Wonder of Riva Rises
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Defined as part of the vision of the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) to bring all its operations in a single centre and called "Football Valley", a new camp centre and administrative building is being constructed in Riva.

To be built in Riva across Hasan Doğan National Teams Camp and Training Facilities, TFF Sports Complex soil improvement studies have begun. The facility, which will have 38 thousand square meters of constructional area and 26 thousand square meters of indoor space, the facility will boast hosting, conference hall, meeting halls, office building, prayer room, therapy pools and two natural turf football fields, one in size 60-90.

Conference hall for 700 people

With the launch of this globally uncommon facility, TFF will introduce new conference halls and training areas including 10 meeting halls ranging between 45 to 130 square meters, a conference hall of 700 people, a restaurant, a VIP restaurant, a foyer of 780 square meters.

Designed to be boast three floors on a site of 3500 square meters, the office building will host a press centre, a meeting room as well as administrative offices.

Specially designed rooms for disabled sportspeople

As a design wonder, the news sports complex of TFF will feature 82 rooms ranging between 45 to 65 square meters. 20 of these rooms in the basement are specially designed for the disable people. Apart from the aforementioned rooms, the entire facility design is suitable for the use of the disabled people.

In addition to the disability friendly architecture of the hosting area, the inner court of the complex is planned to include an atrium besides an indoor garden of 703 square meters.

One thousand square meters of main kitchen and restaurant space is spared to serve conference and hosting areas.

A fitness area, sauna, therapy pools, locker rooms, game hall and recreational areas will also be available for the sportspeople staying in the facility.

Finally, the complex will boast a carpark of 200 vehicles apart from a praying room of 450 square meters.

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