TFF Medical Committee Public Information 5/11/2020
TFF Medical Committee Public Information
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TFF Medical Committee announced the first part of the "Reeturn to Football Advisory Protocol", which includes a series of measures, on 01/05/2020, considering that some of our clubs started training without announcing the final decision regarding leagues.

Our Committee decided to announce the whole parts of the protocol as the TFF Board declared its decision about the possible starting date of the leagues on 06/05/2020. 

The entire Advisory Protocol includes individual training, group training, team training, competition period chapters, and suggestions on what to do if there are suspicious, potential or positive cases in any of these periods.

As the name suggests, this protocol is an advisory package.

There is no doubt that our ministries' decisions regarding the issue are valid if the Advisory Protocol is in conflict with the decision, the statement, the circular and the guides of our Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Health. It is presented with respect to the attention of the public for the information.

Click for the Advisory Protocol for Football Return.

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