The Game Plan Workshop Opening Ceremony Was Held 1/13/2023
The Game Plan Workshop Opening Ceremony Was Held
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The opening ceremony of "The Game Plan" workshop, which was initiated by Turkish Football Federation to create the strategy plan of Turkish football with all its stakeholders, was held at Ministry of Youth and Sports Riva Facilities.

The opening ceremony was attended by Minister of Youth and Sports Dr. Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu, Portuguese Football Federation President Fernando Gomes, Former UEFA Champions League Marketing Director Stephen Margarito, UEFA Business Development Manager Oleksandr Kucheriavyi, Clubs Association Foundation President Ali Koç, TFF Honorary President Şenes Erzik, former TFF Presidents, club presidents, club board members, managers, football players, national team players, referees, academics, members of the media, sponsor representatives and KPMG members.

TFF President Büyükekşi: "We invited all the stakeholders of the football community to 'set the future of football together'"

Speaking at the opening ceremony, TFF President Mehmet Büyükekşi said, "Everyone in this hall is tirelessly trying to contribute to the football. We all have a common goal: to move Turkish football forward in every sense. With this workshop, we will determine our path with a common mind. In this way, we can measure where we are, evaluate our shortcomings, and take strong steps for collective progress. As the football community, we will put forward such a comprehensive and holistic strategy document for the first time. When we support our superior potential and features with a strategy that we will reveal with a collaborative working culture, the lasting success we desire will come with it.".

Youth and Sports Minister Kasapoğlu: "We must respond to today's football style"

During his speech, Minister of Youth and Sports Dr. Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu claimed, If we want to be successful while developing policies for sports and creating short, medium and long-term strategies, we must take all parameters into account. If we refer to sports as an industry, we have to adapt it to the rapid changes and transformations in human life, as in other industries. Türkiye has become the rising star of the world in many sports branches. We want football to take part in this acceleration. We must respond to today's football style in terms of raising athletes, infrastructure and technique. We must construct the Turkish football culture and style of play.".

Video message from UEFA President Čeferin

After TFF President Mehmet Büyükekşi and Minister of Youth and Sports Dr. Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu's speeches, the video message of UEFA President Aleksander Čeferin was played. In his message, Čeferin stated that they support "The Game Plan" workshop as UEFA and wished Turkish Football Federation success.

TFF Deputy Chairman Burkay: "Everyone in this hall will be at the center of this strategic plan"

TFF Deputy Chairman İbrahim Burkay, who made a presentation on the strategic plan of Turkish football at the introductory meeting, stated that, "For more than 2.5 months, we have completed our preparations with KPMG by examining both the current situation of Turkish football and all the positive and negative practices in the world, together with a benchmark. Since the day we initiated our strategic working approach, which we call "The Game Plan", we have constantly worked to determine the status of Turkish football and world football. By comparing the current situation of Turkish football with successful examples in the world, we created the infrastructure of this study. In our research we have carried out so far, we have tried to reveal the answer to the question of where we are with comparative examples. We will reveal where and how we will proceed with the workshops we will cooperate with you, all the members of our football family.".

Urbano and Kucheriavyi made presentations

After İbrahim Burkay's presentation, Portuguese Football Federation President Fernando Gomes gave a speech and Portuguese Football Federation Deputy CEO Mafalda Urbano made a presentation on the strategy plan of Portuguese football. The meeting ended with the presentation of UEFA Business Development Manager Oleksandr Kucheriavyi.

First session of the workshop was held

After the opening ceremony, the first session of the workshop was held at TFF Riva Facilities Orhan Saka Conference Hall. In this session, a study was carried out on what the vision and mission of Turkish football should be. UEFA's Head of Football, Zvonimir Boban, also attended the session. TFF President Mehmet Büyükekşi, TFF Board Members, TFF Board Members and professionals, Clubs Union Foundation and club representatives, academics and sponsor representatives took part in the session.

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